Pursuing Your Dreams

I've been on a self-help frenzy lately so perhaps that was why The Dream of You didn't seem as impactful to me.  I took a break when I was about 70% finished with the book and returned to it.  She told countless personal stories and Biblical stories as examples of how God was faithful.  The thing I remember is that she wanted to be Wonder Woman when she was younger and realized that she couldn't be.  And that in Africa, when you lose your way, they sing a song back to you from your infant days to remind you of who you are.  Perhaps I'm jealous but I feel like I'm still wandering in the desert trying to find my tribe.  The dream has always been clear but it just feels tiring pursuing it without friends or a partner.

The Entrepreneurial Hustle

I have never considered myself a hustler.  I know that slow and steady is more my pace.  But the reality of turning 30 forced me to reevaluate my life.  Since my internship, I've been learning and growing but I was eager to know what about the next steps?  Truth be told, if you asked me what I want to be if money were not an issue, I would still give the same answer I used to say when I was a child.  Which is that I want to be a writer or artist.

Getting to the Heart of Worship

I must confess, I have been in a funk lately.  I noticed when I was marathoning through Downton Abbey and eating ice cream everyday for a solid week.  Straight from the carton.  I have 4 different pints in my freezer as I type this.  Finally, I sat myself down and looked back at my journal entries and updated my mood journal.  And I realized that I had been feeling down since I came back from our church retreat mid-January.  Retreat lows, as they call them in Christian circles.  It did not help that my cocky self stopped going through the Daily Office because I figured I had grown immune to them and perhaps they were ineffective to me now.  Big mistake.  That, in addition to wintertime dreary bleak weather and my ever growing heart of bitterness towards certain authority figures.  January was rough.

The Struggle for Meaning

Ahh.  The age old question of meaning.  What is the point of life?

A big reason as to why I decided to become a one year AMI intern is because the 9-to-5 dutiful, church-going daughter role just didn't strike me as meaningful enough.  4 months into the internship and I still found myself wondering, why?  Why any of this?  Why is there so much suffering?