The Struggle for Meaning

Ahh.  The age old question of meaning.  What is the point of life?

A big reason as to why I decided to become a one year AMI intern is because the 9-to-5 dutiful, church-going daughter role just didn't strike me as meaningful enough.  4 months into the internship and I still found myself wondering, why?  Why any of this?  Why is there so much suffering?

What Am I Doing with My Life?

*  I received this book from
Blogging for Books for this review
I feel like I have been discontent with life since a young age.  I'm always wondering where I should be, what I should be doing.  My friend gave me What Color is Your Parachute? a few years ago because she knew I was grappling with such questions.  It was good to revisit this book in the latest version.  Given that the topic itself can be overwhelming, Mr. Bolles does a great job in breaking things down chapter by chapter with the right kind of questions and exercises, even letting you know the variety of resources available whether you want printouts or to take quizzes online.  It's a very well and thoroughly researched book.  I especially like The Blue Pages at the back.


*  I received this book from
Blogging for Books for this review
Beloved means dearly or greatly loved.  I love the sound of the word.  As a child of God, I should not feel jealous or sad that I am not any one person's beloved.  I hoped that You Are Beloved  would help calm the frenzied voices in my head when they tell me that I am a lone wolf in my blood and bones.  From the get-go, it crushed the romantic daydreams I had of being beloved and reminded me that I am beloved because I am in Christ.

Become the Beloved
As long as "being the Beloved" is little more than a beautiful thought or a lofty idea that hangs above my life to keep me from becoming depressed nothing really changes.  What is required is to become the Beloved in the commonplaces of my daily existence, and bit by bit to close the gap that exists between what I know myself to be and the countless realities of everyday life.  Becoming the Beloved is pulling the truth revealed to me from above down into the ordinariness of what I am thinking of, talking about, and doing from hour to hour.
- Life of the Beloved

I've never heard of Henri J. M. Nouwen before and this book pulls key passages from his previous works.  Below are some other excerpts which have given me something to think about. 

Finally, a Great Fashion Coloring Book

*  I received this book from
Blogging for Books for this review
I've got about 3 adult coloring books since the whole trend started.  It's therapeutic and an easy thing to multi-task while watching TV or something.  But then, I feel like if I'm spending this much time on it, I wish that it was something nice that I could put on my wall.  That's where New York Street Style comes in.

Despite the title, it's got a good variation of not just fashion pages but prints and city street shots too.    There is no perforation so you have to rip out the page carefully and cut the rough edge.*  The paper is thick so you don't need to worry about pages bleeding if you wanna use markers instead of colored pencils.  In the future, I may wanna use water color on these, but I'm not sure how the paper will react to water.

* Just a note if you have the same idea I do to color and post them in frames.