Because It's The First Time

Now, usually I don't watch  Korean dramas.  I'm aware that they create false ideas about love and sometimes make me fantasize about my own future boyfriend/relationship.  I kind of spent 20 years being bitter that I didn't have a dashing oppa (older brother).

But "Because It's the First Time" is seriously the best.  I would re-watch this again.  It's a short series with only 8 episodes.  You can easily watch it on dramafever, like I did.  It's about 5 20-year-old friends in Korea just dealing with life.  Some are in college and others work.  In every episode, I could relate to something said.  For a while, my life was kind of going parallel to the characters.  I think that the main character girl is so cute with her spunky pixie.  And her crush is easy on the eyes too.  I like the purity of their desires and intentions.  And the way everyone dresses.  I like that the ending was crisp and it makes me wish that they would make another season.

I told everyone that I enjoyed this show yet they all said that I should be watching "She Was Pretty."  I don't know if I think it's great simply because they were dealing with first love at exactly the same time that I was going through mine.  So watch it and lemme know what you think.

Essay about a Dog and Love

My mom left me with a senile dog while she went on a last adventure.  I thought, "No big deal. A month is not so long to bear this yippy-yappy grandma of a dog."  It would only be a minor inconvenience.  I thought I was the babysitter, but Aji's taught me a lot about love in these past couple of weeks.

I didn't feel much affection for the dog.  She was loyal to the death to my mom even when Mom put her down all the time about being fat.  I suppose that her always being there was important to Aji.  I see now how crucial being there is.

The first night, I felt bad for Aji because I knew that she knew something was wrong.  That mom was going somewhere she couldn't go.  She begged please, please and slept on Mom's house slippers left by the door.  Aji waited days on those slippers.  I finally threw them out.  "Mom's not coming, " I said.  "It's just me now."

Hello. It's been a while.

My laptop died and I've been media fasting.  I don't think I've missed out on much.  I'm trying to do more adult things like cleaning, staying on top of my book clubs, and venturing out of the house.  I want to write more about my musings these days.  Stay tuned if you're interested.