No Middle

I have a problem.  I only have 2 settings.  Being 0 or 100.

At work, I frequently have to bind journals.  I still can't get the hang of them.  You're supposed to pull it down and release the lever immediately when you feel the resistance.  But I either come on too soft or much too strong.  I either make the journals too loose and the covers slip off with the slightest touch or I push too hard and the journal has trouble closing.  I don't know when to stop.

A Poem About Me

Wading through copious amounts of old emails and unfinished drafts of things and came upon this little number channeling my inner femme fatale.

i am the lady of lullabies
hugs upon hugs
you should let me love you
no thank you
bless you
and your mother and your soul
while i eat your dreams for breakfast
bite your tongue
mother father
i am childless
barren desert
cactus bloom
i am your conscience
like sour milk
churning melodies
to this dizzying daydream

Since the Break Up

He goes to the bar and drinks with his friends
to vent about his day and talk about girls.
not women
because that's his type.
pretty young things.
He prefers hard liquor
that burns going down.
Work and then drinks.
Every day he hustles
and looks forward to those few happy hours.

Meanwhile, after work
she lies on a cheap bed
wearing clothes that are not her own
while an older man sticks her with needles.
Sometimes he warns her
"This will hurt a bit."
It doesn't.  Not compared to...
He then slips out silently while she naps.