Because It's The First Time

Now, usually I don't watch  Korean dramas.  I'm aware that they create false ideas about love and sometimes make me fantasize about my own future boyfriend/relationship.  I kind of spent 20 years being bitter that I didn't have a dashing oppa (older brother).

But "Because It's the First Time" is seriously the best.  I would re-watch this again.  It's a short series with only 8 episodes.  You can easily watch it on dramafever, like I did.  It's about 5 20-year-old friends in Korea just dealing with life.  Some are in college and others work.  In every episode, I could relate to something said.  For a while, my life was kind of going parallel to the characters.  I think that the main character girl is so cute with her spunky pixie.  And her crush is easy on the eyes too.  I like the purity of their desires and intentions.  And the way everyone dresses.  I like that the ending was crisp and it makes me wish that they would make another season.

I told everyone that I enjoyed this show yet they all said that I should be watching "She Was Pretty."  I don't know if I think it's great simply because they were dealing with first love at exactly the same time that I was going through mine.  So watch it and lemme know what you think.

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