Usually, I don't recall my dreams.  The ones I do recall, I am being chased, I'm looking for a clean bathroom to relieve myself, or I'm wandering around a huge mall looking for someone.  Monday, I woke up and vividly remembered my dream.

I was on fire.  Driving.  Gushes of fire intermittently came from the left.  And yet I kept driving through.  My foot on the accelerator.  My face got burned.  My legs.  Finally, I rolled out of the car.  But when I did.  I sensed hesitation from the bystanders to help me.  So, I kept burning limply.  My face was burned the most.  At first I was irritated.  "Why isn't someone doing anything to help me?!"  But after a minute, I felt a sense of relief.  Like, this is how I look now. This is what I am.  And I woke up.

Anyone know anything about dreams?  I looked it up online.  My findings said that dreams about being burned in fire meant the dreamer's temper was getting out of control.  I recall a conversation that happened Sunday evening and I suppose yes, I am mad.  There are so many more things that I wanted to express but I held it in.  As usual.  Two days later, I'm ill.  Still burning.

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