The Unicorn and the Possum

I had lunch with the girls today.  One shared a personality game kind of story and we all went around the table sharing our answers.  My answer was so hilarious I thought I'd share it.

It starts with, "You enter a forest.  What animal do you see?''  Don't think about it.  Just give your instinctive answer.  Some of the answers shared were bear, deer, rabbit, sheep, lion, and dog.  I said unicorn because they are amazing, pure, and majestic.

And the last line (which I didn't know was the ending) is, "You're walking and you come upon a road.  You're leaving the forest and you encounter another animal.  What is it?"  Maybe the girls had heard this before but they all went around and said very powerful creatures, such as a lion and 3 of them said a stag.  Three of them?!

But when I envisioned the road.  It was asphalt.  And it wasn't an animal that I saw, but roadkill.  I saw a possum.  And when I was told to describe it in 3 adjectives, I said, "It's vulnerable because it's slightly smushed.  It looks grotesque and it's repulsive to me."

Now these animals represent people.  The first animal is you.  And how you see yourself.  And the second?  Your romantic interest.  Mine wasn't even alive.  Even when I was imagining it in my head, I was getting irritated.  Like, I just enjoyed this fantastic time in a magical forest and suddenly reality hit me square in the jaw.  This hypothetical disgusting, bleeding carcass totally dampened my mood.

For some of the other girls, there were natural pairings.  A deer and a stag.  A sheep and a lion.  Or a dog and a fellow dog.  But a unicorn and a possum?!  Those don't even belong in the same realm.  Unfortunately, I can't say that it's an entirely inaccurate depiction of my love life.  Sigh.

What about you?  What animals do you see?

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