Snip Snip Shoot

Fall's approaching and I itch for change.  This year, I decided that I wanted to try red.  And finally grow my hair out long.  And be gloriously toasty tan.  Well, I did it.  And now I'm bored.  The tips of my hair are fried and my perm unraveling and who cares about being pretty anymore?  I don't have anymore weddings to go to this year.

I looked through my old pinterest hair boards and I realize that I've had some variation of short to mid-length wavy hair for years now.  And I don't want to return to it.

I hate the way I look with straight hair so it seems my only option is to go short.  Not a bob mind you, but boyish short hair.  So that my hair can dry in 10 minutes and I can go to sleep right after I shower instead of waiting hours for it to dry.  So I can just finger mousse or gel through it and run out the door.  So that I can stop coloring my hair and buying special shampoos and conditioners.

This is ideally.  Everyone else says that short hair is harder to maintain than long.  And I am known to be lazy about styling my hair. And then there is the time that I did have a mid-length pixie in high school and all the girls said it was cute, while the boys shook their heads and asked me why I did it.  My parents frequently warn me about that year and say not to go short ever again.

My first year of college, I went in with my awkward growing-hair-out phase.  Not only am I shy, but my hair did not help.  It seems like I had shot myself in the foot at a very crucial time in life.

To go short now seems sort of like suicide.  If the first time I had handicapped myself by playing with the gun out of curiosity.  This time, I'm putting the barrel in my own mouth and pulling the trigger.  Maybe I will regret it.  But I feel the need to challenge myself somehow.  It's easy to feel confident behind good hair.  The question is will I still feel beautiful without it?

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