At lunch today, we played personality quizzes.

In a table full of peaceful and deep blues and greens, I chose yellow.  And described it as bright, warm, and playful.

While most everyone chose the water element, I chose fire.  For it renews, offers light, and is warm.

When told to imagine being in a white room by myself with no windows or door and no explanation, I said that I'd be curious.  Naturally, I'd wonder, "Why am I here?"  Then, I'd be excited because my mind immediately thought of the scene in The Matrix where columns rush past and disappear.  And you know something strange and life-altering will happen.  No one could see me in that place so I'd run around like a fool and sing until my throat hurt.  I'd assume no one would know where I was.  I'd feel peaceful for this reason and just ease into sleep along the edge of one of the walls.

What did this reveal about me?

The color and the three adjectives I used to describe it is supposedly the way others would view me.

The element I chose and the three adjectives I used to describe it is the way I view God.

And lastly, the three feelings I felt while imagining myself in the mysterious white room represents how I feel about death.

So.  Tell me what color you are.  And what element first pops into your mind.  And how you'd feel in a white room.

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