My Sunglass Collection

I have horrible vision.  I usually wear glasses.  But I am very fond of accessories.  Which means that my sunglasses need to have prescription in them.  This is my very meager collection.

I'll go clockwise from the top left.  This classic cat eye Tortoise Shell is from Coach.  I bought them when I got a steady paycheck from my first office job.  It's about 3 years old.  The case it came in is falling apart.  And I am missing a crystal on the right temple tip, but other than that they are still perfectly functional.  The arms are a bit heavy so I only wear them when I won't be out for too long.

The second purple-hued circle pair, I got at the eye doctor when I got my first pair of glasses.  It's by Louis Quatorze.  I affectionately call these my "fly" shades because some guys at church said they were ugly and compared them to the eyes of a fly.  Conversely, all the girls loved them.  Fashion.  They cover half my face and I don't mind.  The only problem I have with these is that it is absolutely necessary to carefully wrap them in cloth before putting them away because carelessly folding them scratches the lenses.

The third is my robot sunnies.  I majorly regret getting these.  I think I got them as an 18th birthday present.  They are by Salvatore Ferragamo and are very very stretched out and always in danger of falling off if I lean over or something.  And when we were getting my prescription put in, my mom said it should have some special UV ray blocker or something so that I see psychedelic rainbows when I look at certain objects like car windows.  I should probably sell them because I seldom wear them.

And lastly, my favorite pair are these red reflective sunnies that make me look way cooler than I really am.  A Christmas present from my mom in 2014.  We got them in Korea for a bargain.  They're Prada and the original lens were black, but since they'd have to replace the lens with prescription lenses, I got this funky red.  They were yellow when I chose from their samples, but somehow they look red when I put them on.  They are a little hard to match and I do find that people stare when I wear these out.

Man, if I didn't need glasses though, my sunglass collection would be so much bigger.  What about you?  Do you wear sunnies?  What shape is your favorite?


  1. Just like you, I am blind without my glasses. I started wearing glasses when I was 8 years old and ever since then I didn't own a single pair of sunglasses (because there's no point in getting fashion sunglasses, unless they make me see, right? xD) I do think about finally getting ones this summer though. My favourite from the ones you own are the "fly-glasses". They make your face look tiny and cute, I like that a lot. ♥

  2. Yes, do it! It's definitely worth the investment. I can't stand driving with the sun in my eyes.

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