Those Red Hot Lips

Today, the weather was grey.  I read that putting on red lipstick and wearing heels will help lift your spirits.  So I did just that.  Unfortunately, it did not lift my spirits.  Actually, it was the first time that I wore a truly red matte lipstick.  Now, I understand why people are afraid of it.  I ended up applying it fine straight from the bullet.  And the color was fine.  I was actually kind of proud of the fact that I applied it evenly.  But then, I tried to take a picture to document the look and for you guys and it was all pretty startling.

The red mouth just floating there on my face.  I didn't realize that my lips were so asymmetrical.  I'm already aware that my bottom lip needs a little TLC so that they look even.  I always thought that my upper lips were a perfect mirror image of the other side.  But when I put on the red lipstick, something was off.  I tried lip liner and reapplied more lipstick but it didn't help.  When I snapped a picture of myself, somehow the camera didn't capture what I saw in the mirror.  I eventually decided not to think about it and went off to work.

The comments I got and the looks I received.  I didn't realize but red lips automatically equals statement.  Oh and my perfectly red lips were ruined after lunch.  It was fading in the middle and dry.  And I didn't bring the bullet with me so I ended up wiping off as much of it as I could and going around with chapped lips.  Now, I realize how high maintenance red lipstick is.

Do you wear red lipstick?  Not just for special occasions, but regularly?  If so, how?!  You just keep checking yourself out in the mirror?


  1. Hahah aw I don't really think they look that asymmetrical! Especially factoring in that probably no one in public is gonna be looking that closely. ;P

    I actually wear brightly colored lipsticks, red or otherwise, a fair bit as of late, and I definitely am always paranoid that I'm gonna accidentally brush my mouth and end up with a streak across my face or something. So, yeah, mirror-checking every once in awhile helps, and making sure you carry whatever you wore that day in your bag/purse/whatever for reapplication after eating. It's definitely something that takes getting used to!

    xx Alyssa — fragments of memories

  2. Do you use lip liner beforehand? Do you apply it with a brush or straight from the bullet? This red lipstick is making me think about products that I've never considered before.

  3. I don't usually apply lipliner, but the lipsticks I use don't really feather or anything. They're the Wet N Wild megalast ones. And the other red I use is a lip butter, so it doesn't really require liner either. And I always apply from the bullet and then clean up the edges with a wet q-tip. :)