Why Don't You Dye, Honey?

I can't remember the last time I dyed my hair.  The first time I dyed my hair brown, I was so utterly disgusted when my roots started growing out.  I lamented to my friends that it looked exactly like the spottled brown-black of tarantulas.  To which they said that it was really not as bad as I was making it out to be.

Anyway, dying my hair really fried it.  And I didn't know that maintaining uniform color throughout would be so much upkeep.  So I made the conscious decision that I would leave it be and let my hair ombre-ify itself.  Then, I read somewhere that doing a honey mask would help lighten hair.  It is very simple.  I don't even bother to measure or anything.

I take some top quality raw honey and apply on my roots.  Next, I spritz on some water until my scalp is soaked.  If I feel my hair needs some TLC, I'll apply a hydrating Moroccan Oil cream instead.  Of course, you can apply honey water all throughout the strands if you want to lighten your entire hair.  Put on a shower cap and go about your day or sleep on it.

I wasn't sure it worked but my friend asked whether I had dyed my hair again.  Some friends at church were talking about dying their hair and said that mine was a good shade.  I smiled and told them my all natural secret is raw honey.

So if you want to go lighter for summer, try a honey mask first.  It does take multiple times to see the effects.  Adding cinnamon also helps lighten the hair but I found it difficult to get it all out of my hair afterwards.  I read that beet juice also helps color hair but personally I think that is a waste of beet juice.

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