I'll Write You a Love Letter

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These days I've been reading a handful of books simultaneously.  Reading a little before bed each night rather than powering through them in my usual style.  There are so many books on my Kindle that I have yet to get to as well.  And yet, I still love to browse bookstores when I get the chance.  While perusing the aisles, I saw an interesting one that was called If You Find This Letter  by Hannah Brencher.

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I mentally noted that I was going to send a sample to my Kindle later. Which did not happen.  Apparently, Hannah started leaving random love letters around New York and now it's her business.  What a lot of lonely people we are.  But there is something about handwritten notes.  I mean, it's crazy that it doesn't matter who wrote the letter, receiving or finding one still makes you feel special.

I think everyone would agree that letters are more thoughtful than text messages.  This person found paper  for you and sat down and wrote you something with their best penmanship.  Or maybe they scribbled it down in a hurry.  Whatever.  The point is there is not a letter in the world that is the same as the one you hold in your hand.

So it was fortuitous when I found The World Needs More Love Letters All-in-One Stationery and Envelopes.  I didn't even know that it was related to Hannah Brencher's book.  Just last week, I talked about the power of thank you notes.  But I never considered writing letters to strangers.  Hannah also has a website More Love Letters where she lists specific people with needs whom you can write to.  I'm planning to get involved.  Now, I've even got the stationery so there is no excuse.

Going along the lines of paying it forward and spreading positivity, if you would like a letter, leave your name and address in the comment section.  Tell me something about yourself or a prayer request.  If you are concerned about putting down your address, you can request that I delete your comment after I read it.

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