Line Dem Eyes

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I usually wear glasses, so I'm not whether putting time into eye makeup is worth the effort.  I do know that using eyeliner makes my face seem more symmetrical.  For every day, pencil will do.  But for special occasions, I'll bust out my liquid eyeliner.

The funny thing is that I think I started off with liquid liner before I ever used pencil eyeliner.  My mom bought me my first liquid eyeliner at M.A.C. because she wanted me to invest more energy into my looks.  I can't remember or find the exact product that I used but it was a navy blue liquid liner.  It may or may not have been shimmery.  I expertly drew on cat eyes with it that covered my entire lids.  I didn't know the definition of subtle.  My mom said it was too much, but I didn't care.  Luckily, I've toned it down.  Currently, I'm on the market for a good liquid eyeliner.  I prefer colored eyeliners over black which seem to be the only color available at drugstores.  I won't bore you with my search for the ideal liquid eyeliner.  

As for pencil eyeliners, I've been using Urban Decay's 24-7 Glide On Waterproof Pencils since the time I went into Sephora without a clue.  I told the salesperson I needed something that would not budge and she directed me to Urban Decay.  I invested $20 in Bourbon (a light brown shade with a little bit of gold glitter) and used it every single day for work.  Since then, I bought an Urban Decay 5 mini pencil set of various colors at Ulta for around $40.  It provides plenty of variety so that I never get bored with my makeup.

I don't have any tips on technique because eyeliner has everything to do with your unique eye shape or shapes if your eyes are two different shapes, like mine are.  I'm not committed to a specific look.  I get easily bored.  Above are samples of looks I've played with.  Generally, I do a subtle flick up at the ends. I never line the bottom of my eyes with eyeshadow or liner because I am deathly afraid of walking around with raccoon eyes.  Plus, I read that it makes your eyes look smaller, which is something that I want to avoid.

What do you prefer?  Liquid eyeliner or pencil?  And what color(s)?


  1. I love your photo!! It's so colorful + creative. :)

    I think I'm the opposite of your eyeliner journey. I started with pencil liner went to liquid, and now I mostly use liquid. I do use a pencil one in white for lining the waterline, etc. :)

    xx Alyssa — fragments of memories

  2. @Alyssa Thank you. I fiddled with a picture for this post for a long time before I was content with this.

    May I ask what liquid eyeliner you're using? I found white eye pencils to be quite brittle so I line my waterline with a gold e.l.f. eyeshadow crayon. I think it looks better on me than white because I've got a warm complexion.

  3. Great post, Sophie! I have very oily eyelids, so I'm very limited in what kinds of liners I can use. I've tried Urban Decay but sadly they smudge on me! I find that liquid lasts the longest without smudging - my current fave is the Kat Von D Tattoo liner. I just love how clean a line you can get with liquid! Using an eyeshadow primer underneath is a must for me ❤

  4. @Rebecca I have an eyeshadow primer but I'm not sure how I feel about it. And I've heard good things about the Kat Von D Tattoo liner. I'll check it out the next time I'm at Sephora. Thanks!

  5. Sorry - I just saw this!! I use the NYC black liquid liner! Inexpensive + pretty easy to work with, in my opinion. :) And really?? The white liners I use are surprisingly creamy! They're an LA colors retractable liner. But gold is a really good idea!