3 Rules of Work

1.   out of c lu tt er, find simplicity
2.   from dIscOrd, find harmony
3.   in the middle of difficulty, find the opportunity

January 22, 2015

Expanding on the 3 Rules
1. It's hard to get to work when you've got a bunch of stuff cluttering your desk.  Keep your work area clean.  It'll make it more inviting to work.  It's a new day!  Imagine the possibilities.  Also, if your desk is clean, you won't have any distractions once you've sat down to begin.

2. Discord means conflict, disagreement, or general tension.  And it usually occurs in relationships with people.  Obviously, you can't avoid everyone you don't get along with, but imagine what harmony looks like.  Is there anything you can do to work towards it?

3. Instead of letting yourself get overwhelmed or dwelling in negativity when difficulty arises, consider what you can learn from the situation.  What skill could you develop so that you can proactively deal next time you face a similar situation?  Or how has the difficulty improved you as a person?  Once you've learned a lesson, you can move on.

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