You Should Probably Toss That

I went through a complete overhaul of my beauty products this year.  I threw out somethings.  And I'm sure that you have stuff in your bathrooms or vanities that are sitting past their expiration date.  Below is a friendly reminder for you to go through your potions and goop.

 Definitely toss any products if
  •   it smells funny, strange, putrid
  •   it changed color since you first bought it
  •   its consistency has changed. if it has settled or separated into layers when it shouldn't

For the not so obviously expired, here are the rules by beauty experts
Powder Anything from Foundation, Blush, or Eyeshadow :  good for 2 years
Cream Anything from Foundation, Blush, or Eyeshadow :  good for 1 year
Pencil Eyeliner:  depends on quality but potentially good for 3 years.  You'll know it has gone bad when it becomes stiff or crumbly.  You may be able to revive it by running the tip quickly through a flame
Liquid Eyeliner & Mascara:  should be replaced after 3 months because of bacterial growth
Lip Products:  good for 2 years

And while you are cleaning, save the planet!  Don't just throw your products in the trash.  Origins has a recycling program.  Simply take your empty containers into the store (it doesn't have to Origins products) and they’ll recycle it for you for free!


  1. yikes. I keep my mascara forever. The tackier it is, the more I like it... :/

  2. Eek! You can get an eye infection or otherwise irritate your eyes. Please be careful.

    And just curious, why do you prefer your mascara tacky? Doesn't it go on clumpy then?