Introducing Wordy Wednesday

I purchased The Writer's Devotional  by Amy Peters last year and never finished the book.  So, I am starting all over again in 2015.

On Wednesdays, I'll share the best page from the week whether it is an exercise, a quote, or something helpful I learned.  I hope you all are interested in reading and writing too.

"The role of the writer is not to say what we can all say but what we are unable to say."
- Anaïs Nin

First of all, I am digging the feminine writers Ms. Peters is promoting from the get-go from Alice Walker, Marjane Satrapi (author of Persepolis), to Harriet Beecher Stowe.  Through their writing, each of these authors spoke out for the disenfranchised.  In comparison, my writing seems trivial.

I'm writing on behalf of ladies on the verge of becoming.  This blog will chronicle my tentative steps into writing, makeup, and adulthood.  I'm not a fashion blogger or a beauty guru.  I'm a regular girl like you with a budget, trying to balance dreams and responsibilities, and make the best out of life.  I hope you'll join me in eden.

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