Sunblock. Just Do It.

I guess my approach to Makeup Mondays is to present what makeup/face products I would consider essential first.  Last week, I talked about chapstick.

The first thing is sunblock.  You don't need to be fancy about it.  I've been using this Neutrogena one for years.  It's not greasy.  It doesn't turn your skin a weird grayish color.  And it's under $10.  Aging is hard enough as it is, so protect your skin.  Use sunblock.  Just do it.

Increased exposure to UV, or ultraviolet, rays causes sunburn, premature aging of the skin, and may develop into skin cancer.  And if you live in the good ol' US of A, UV rays hit the earth every day so make sure to wear some sort of sun protection year round.

Does your foundation or BB cream (or whatever you use on our face) already offer SPF protection?  Great.  Is it over 15 SPF?  OK, you don't need sunblock.  If not, then layer that sunblock underneath!

I live in California, the land of perpetual sunshine.  I always apply a layer of sunblock after my moisturizer because I work inside a building that has huge windows.  I'm not a paranoid Asian who is scared of the sun.  Actually, I quite enjoy walking outside.  But, I'm not perfect.  I have sun spots.  And I don't apply sunblock on my neck.  Let alone reapply sunblock during the day.  Start with baby steps.

To be more diligent with sun protection, I tried Peter Thomas Roth's Instant Mineral SPF 30.  It's a brilliant idea.  Make a powder sunblock, stick a brush on it, and make it portable.  But here are the reasons why I cannot recommend it.
  1.   the cap is very difficult to close without damaging the brush bristles
  2.   it's not durable enough to simply toss in your bag.  Mine exploded in my backpack because the cap fell   off by accident
  3.   it's transparent so I wasn't sure whether the product was really giving me coverage. How much is   enough? When should I stop?!
  4.   it felt a little gross that I couldn't wash the brush at all.  It's just not hygienic.
In closing, wear sunblock.  If not on your whole body, at least your face.  You want to protect that gorgeous mug of yours.  And if you have any suggestions of powder sunblocks available, please share!  If you are interested, I can also elaborate on other sunblocks I do not recommend.

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