My Hair Goal

Ideally, my hair would look something like this.

I've already resolved to grow out my hair out this year.  But...
  • ever since I colored it last year, my hair has gotten super thin.  Which is fine by me except
  • I am shedding like a wildebeest
  • it tangles like crazy which wouldn't be a problem if i could just...
  • brush my hair.  Something I haven't done since I've been getting my hair permed since 7 years ago.  It's never been an issue before.  I never had to worry about it and it saved me time.  Except now
  • my lion's mane is driving me nuts.  I did brush my hair a couple of times but it NEVER arranges itself neatly.  Last time, it expanded about twice its volume and remained pouffy the entire day.  Unacceptable and I've learned from my mistake
  • since the aforementioned perm and color, I cannot undergo either anymore.  Which would be fine if I were skilled at styling hair
  • since I've been perming my hair consistently for years, I don't know what my natural hair texture is anymore.  My hair still has a bit of a wave, but some sections are definitely straight while others have more curl.  At what point can I brush my hair?  I must tame the beast somehow.
  • too much volume.  I don't mind thinning but I haven't found someone who can do it right so that I don't have stringy, straggly ends but big hair on top
  • my hair takes forever to grow.  I'm even taking Biotin to try and promote growth because I am so desperate.
  • i am so bored with my mop (of hair, that is)
  • and of course  S P L I T     E  n   d    s
Actually, it's been my goal for years to have long hair again, but I really like going to the salon, flipping through trashy magazines and having someone else wash my hair.  Oh my goodness, I hate washing my hair so I love, love, love the chance to have someone else do it for me.

What's your relationship like with your hair?  Do you love it?  Hate it?  Do you style it every day?  Are you as hopelessly uncoordinated when it comes to such things, like I am?  Do you have hair goals?

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