Are You Listening?

Jules Renard, a French author said, "Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted."

As a writer/blogger, this blog is a place for me to talk.  I've actually accomplished my goal of posting 4 times a week.  And I've got a lot more that I want to share.  The easiest part is actually the conception of an idea.  Writing is fun too.  I don't even mind the editing.  I look through my notes and weigh whether a topic is interesting enough to share.  Will it be useful to other people as well or does it only apply to me?  It's a great way for me to review every week and keep my goals in focus.

Although I am enjoying blogging, I do have some concerns. I am starting this blog in 2015.  Before I made an account, I read a November 2012 issue of Artful Blogging, a magazine full of visually inspiring online journals.  I searched online for those featured in the magazine and the majority of them were no longer blogging anymore.  And for those that were, their blogs looked, unfortunately, dated.  With the abundance of high-profile beauty or fashion bloggers these days with their perfectly filtered photos displayed on their clean and professionally designed sites, lots of blogs pale in comparison.

I also sifted through the blogroll attached to my older blog in order to find a community of inspiring, artistic bloggers.  While a few had stopped blogging altogether, the majority had moved to other forums like tumblr or their own website.  And their content was more and more visual, less and less words.

You may have noticed that my blog is very text-heavy.  I do not have many pictures because I've never been interested in photography.  Sure, I appreciate a well taken photograph but I'm an amateur photographer and I don't want to post anything that does not look 100%.  Words are the form I am most comfortable with and the way I can best convey myself, but I don't think that's necessarily the case for others.

Yes, as a writer, I can "talk" here as much as I want but nowadays, do people have the uninterrupted time to listen?  Specifically, listen by reading?  With Twitter, why blog?  Say what you want.  Just keep it short.  Or I'm tired.  I don't want to read anything.  If I scroll through your pics, I'll get the gist of what you mean.

So, I am sorry.  Sorry if my words are not enough.  I don't want sun over eden to be a personal vanity project.  I want to deliver tips and tricks about make up and growing up on a sophisticated, well-designed site.  I want to be involved in a bigger community of like minded individuals and learn from you too.  I'm working on the design stuff continually and even forcing myself to take more pictures.  I know that reading is tough, but I hope you will stay tuned.

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