FYI My Posting Schedule

In case you're wondering, I generally post 4 times a week.  To help you remember, I've got alliterations.

Makeup Mondays  No fancy elaborate tutorials here.  Just easy, minimal makeup.
Wordy Wednesdays  I share a tip about writing from The Writer's Devotional.
Thoughtful Thursdays  I summarize one of the lessons from good morning  because I've been so blessed by it.  It's generally about positivity or productivity.
Cinematic Saturdays  I'll try to write about a movie I recently watched in 10 words or less.  I watch the movies through Netflix so if you've got an account, you should be able to view it through there too.

I also write briefly on books I've finished reading.  Occasionally, I post something random.  But that's sun over eden in a nutshell.  If you're not interested in all the subjects, you're most certainly welcome to click the tabs at the top of the screen for a particular subject.

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