What I Read in January

I'm going to start keeping a list of the books I've read from month to month.  I will link the book title to GoodReads where you can browse through more reviews of the book if you are intrigued by my pithy evaluations.  Should I only mention the noteworthy stuff or would you be interested in knowing what bad books I would not recommend?

The Hundred Dresses
I always admire well-done fashion illustrations and this book contained 100 of them.  The dresses varied from contemporary to costume, wearable and high-fashion.  Each dress was briefly described and offered a bit of fun history or witty commentary.  Lovely to breeze through.

Blog, Inc.
I bought this on a whim at a used bookstore and after reading it started sun over eden.  I had a lot of reservations about starting a blog in an already oversaturated market but the words of Ms. Cho helped me to take a leap and do it anyway.  Overall, I do not regret purchasing it.

Miss Harper Can Do It
I bought this book because the protagonist was a socially awkward 3rd-grade teacher (my dream job) about my age and her attempt to write a not-too-serious memoir while her boyfriend is deployed.  She's a bit like Bridget Jones, who could be viewed by some as lovable, but I found her rather frustrating.  (There were 2 instances in the book where she wrote something and it wasn't until much later that I realized that she had made it up completely.)  I appreciated the way the writer experimented with form, but I never fell in love with the protagonist and the ending was cliche.  Let's just say that she spends a lot of time with her male best friend while her boyfriend is away.


  1. Always keen to hear about new books and definitely review the bad ones too!

    Thanks for sharing this! Would love if you could drop by CH1K.com as I am running a Daniel Wellington Giveaway!

    Helen xx

    PS. Followed you via bloglovin and hope you'll do the same for me too!

  2. Yay! Do you like reading too? I'm still trying to figure out blogging and bloglovin. Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your site and it is fabulous. C: