In case you missed it, I'm introducing beauty products in the order of importance.  To recap:

Number 5 on that list is lipstick.  If you're very pressed for time or feeling super not-to-be-bothered, lipstick instantly perks up your whole face.  I apply my lipstick straight from the bullet.

Lipstick makes me feel so glamorous. I still remember feeling so excited when I bought my first lipstick.  (It was Red Chiffon by Lancome.)  Since then, I've accumulated a couple more lip products.  Not a lot but enough to know that I'm not a fan of lip gloss, especially the tingly plumping ones.  I do not like shimmery lip products.  Period.  I opt for formulas with sheer buildable coverage because it's much more forgiving than matte.  I tend to grab pinky red colors.  There have been instances where I buy something and it's the same shade as something I already own.

Hmmm.  I think lip products merit a blog post of its own.

But simply put, lipstick is my #5 because it instantly makes you look more put together.  It gives you just a bit of color and if you emphasize your lips, people won't be too focused on your tired looking eyes.  With the five products mentioned above, you don't need to hide behind your sunglasses to go grab a cup of coffee.