When people have really thick eyebrows, I automatically think of caterpillars.  It all started when I was in elementary school when I saw my mom watching a classic Korean drama called Autumn in My Heart.  (Lucky for you, you can watch it for free on DramaFever.)  This guy had some really intense brows.  I've never been good with remembering Korean names so when I talked to my mom about him, I always called him "the caterpillar eyebrow man."

Eyebrows are a feature that I never paid particular attention to.  Mine are sisters not twins.  There was an incident in high school when my mom said we needed to do something about my eyebrows and proceeded to shave the ends.  I was mortified.  Needless to say, I have never let her near my eyebrows again.

I did begin plucking them and thought that was enough.  But last year this obsession with big brows took over that I couldn't ignore anymore.  Everyone was going bolder, darker, and bigger.  So, I gave in and bought my first eyebrow pencil.  And oh my goodness!  What a world of difference it makes.  Even if I am pressed for time, I do not skip filling in my brows.  You just look so much more put together.

And that is why an eyebrow pencil is the 4th product I am suggesting you absolutely need.  You don't need an expensive one either.  I bought a Rimmel one for about $4 at the drugstore.  Which comes in 3 shades.

Some tips I learned the hard way
  • when choosing a color, go for a shade lighter than your natural hairs rather than one that matches exactly
  • if you change your hair color, make sure you adjust your eyebrow color accordingly
  • obviously, don't overpluck
What kind of eyebrows do you have?  Do you go bold, opt for more natural definition, or just leave them as is?

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