Asterios Polyp

Due to the meager selection of good quality movies on Netflix, I'm not sure I will continue with Cinematic Saturdays.  But I did finish this book call Asterios Polyp.

I finished it in two sittings.  Even though it's a graphic novel, it is very clever and deep.  I appreciated David Mazzucchelli's thoughtfulness in making everything come full circle in the end.  I was also impressed with the author's skills in using colors, drawing, and penmanship in different styles to visually differentiate individual characters.  It's all very human and existential.  It's a book where you'll glean something new no matter how many times you read it.  Unfortunately, the protagonist is not one that I cared for and it's difficult for me to care much or recommend a book if I don't empathize with the main character.  If you're on the fence about it, borrow a copy from the library.

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