The Eyelash Curler aka Possible Torture Device

Every female should have an eyelash curler handy.  It probably takes less than a minute to use and it makes a big difference, especially if you have itty bitty straight lashes.

All you have to do is carefully clamp down your lashes, getting as close to the water line as possible.  I rapidly squeeze the eyelash curler for about 10 mississippis per eye.  I do this before I put on any eye products.  (It helps keep the eyelash curler cleaner and is helpful to see how thinly or thickly I should apply my eyeliner so that my lashes don't become invisible.)

I am inconsistent with using mascara because I find it pretty tiresome to take off in the evening, but I do make an effort to curl my lashes before I go out.  If the curl holds, I might leave it as is.  Otherwise, I use clear mascara.  For fancy, extra special days, I curl my eyelashes before I apply makeup and once again after applying mascara.

This device scared me for a long time because pinched skin right above the eye could be very painful.  I haven't done that in a long time and the only solution is to practice.  My mom gave me her Shu Uemera curler about 5+ years ago.  Magazines seem to promote this particular one year after year.  After all this time, I've never had to replace the rubber grip on it.

I have both the regular size one and a smaller one, to tackle inner or outer corner lashes that refuse to submit to the other lash curler.  I've read that heating the lash curler will help keep the curl for longer, but ain't nobody got time for that.

Do you use an eyelash curler on a regular basis?

P.S. If you have naturally abundant or curly eyelashes, you are very blessed.

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