Eye Shadows

I applied to college with the intention of pursuing a fine arts degree.  That didn't happen but makeup is a fun way to play with color on your face, especially with eye shadows.  The inner artist in me relishes the opportunity to pick up a brush again and create a unique look from day to day depending on my mood.

In my amateur makeup days, the only color I put on my face was a sheer red lipstick.  I used a boring M.A.C. nude all over my lids and then went over it with the gold e.l.f. Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick.  Occasionally, I'd use the M.A.C. silver shimmer, but smoky eyes or gradation?  Fuggedaboudit.  Having an Asian double lid, I just assumed others would not see my eyelids, so what was the point of wasting my time?

Then, I stumbled onto the world of Asian YouTube beauty gurus.  I was blown away by how they made the most of their features and with makeup even redefined them.  Before watching their tutorials, I had never considered extending the eye shadow above my eye fold.  Boom.  Revelation.

At that point, I was very bored with my existing eye shadows and decided it was time to invest in a palette that I would be excited to use.  That is my entire eye shadow collection above.  I am not interested in natural looking smokey browns or super heavy smoky eyes.  Mostly, I like shimmer.  That peach shade on the right and the orange on the left are the ones I lean towards.  For a playful makeup look, I suggest watching Dayeong's Beauty Drawing Valentine's Day tutorial.  She speaks in Korean but there are subtitles below.

What color eye shadows do you lean towards?  Do you have an unnatural affection for your palettes?


  1. Oooh those palettes are so pretty!!

    I know what you mean about not knowing what to do with your eye shape. I don't have a double lid, but I have hooded lids, and I didn't figure out how to apply eyeshadow correctly on them until the last couple years or so.

    My tastes are opposite of yours :P I tend to learn toward neutrals, for day-to-day + I love a brown smokey eye or just using brown to define the crease area. I love shimmer, too, though. :)

    xx Alyssa — fragments of memories

  2. @Alyssa I think my tastes are so childish and colorful because I'm just starting to play with makeup (whereas everyone went through their blue eyeshadow phase in high school or younger). In time, I'll probably simmer down and embrace neutrals too.