Positive Intention = Positive Impression

I'm sure you've already heard that 90% of communication is nonverbal.  That means that even a glance or smile has impact.  Ms. Noel says, "When you aren't acting with positive intention, you leave room for negative interpretation."
One of my now closest friends told me that when she first met me, she thought I was a Korean mean girl.  I was horrified.  I'm Korean, but I considered myself more American than Korean.  And mean girl?!  I was so self-conscious and shy in college.  I had no idea that I was giving off that vibe.

These days, creating a positive impression on people is something that I daily work on.  If I'm supposed to attend an event where I'll have to meet a bunch of strangers, I wear an outfit that will make me look nice and approachable.  Of course, once I'm hanging out with friends, I pile on the glitter, wear witty T-shirts, or wear my heels.

Have you ever considered, or maybe asked close friends, what kind of impression you give off?  Do you have Resting B*tch Face or Niceface?


  1. So beautiful xx


  2. Such a cute collage of photos!

    This post was pretty interesting. I sometimes get polarized opinions of the impression I give off, from b*tchy to nice. Maybe it also has to do with our mood, as it can show in ways we don't intend.
    For the record, your photos don't give off a b*tchy impression to me ;)

    Thanks for sharing ❤

  3. @Rebecca haha thanks. You look very friendly for the record.