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I'm doing a lot of research before plunging into the job market again.  I just finished this book called Job U  to find out what skills I need in order to get hired.

I expected it to be a straight how-to book, but it read more like an academic essay.  The author, Nicholas Wyman continually repeated that the whole notion that everyone should attend college in order to attain "success" was flawed.  If you don't think college is necessarily for you or you've been there, done that.  You should consider professional certifications, associate degrees, apprenticeships, or occupational learning.  Besides the associate degree, I didn't even know these options were available!  He only shared a handful of programs in specific chapters.  Luckily, the appendix shares a lot more resources, so I'm going to be checking out those websites next.

I wish I had read this book while in high school because it would have saved me a couple years and a lot of money.  I was hoping that by the end of the book, I would have had a clear career path illuminated for me, but this book is just a helpful tool.  In closing, Mr. Wyman said, "What I am here to tell you is that when considering your next step, take in as much information and guidance as you can, but ultimately only you can make the decision about what job or career will be the right fit."

Did you go to college?  Are you in college?  What's your job or are you seeking one too?  If you have any career advice please share.  My uncle told me to get over myself.  There is no dream job.  You just need a job.  I hope that my life is not as depressing as his.

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