Refrigerate It

Do you finish all your face products before purchasing the next one?  I didn't.  When my skin was acting up, I'd buy this and then that hoping to find a cure.  (I'm still trying to figure out that perfect blend of products that will keep my face splotch free forever.)  Research shows that in order to truly gauge the effectiveness of a product, you should apply it regularly for 6 weeks at the minimum.  Obviously, when the product is new and is doing wonders for your skin, you'll stick with it.  But even when it's apparent that the product is not having any effect, keep using it for at least a month so you can know for sure.

If you have products that used to work for you stashed in your medicine cabinet, put it in your refrigerator.  Or seasonal things, like that super thick face moisturizer that you depend on in the winter months and never touch in the spring.  If it's extremely old (I'm talking years) throw it away.  Once you finish testing an existing product and figure out it's not right for you.  Give it to someone else or toss it.  Try that oldie again for the allotted period and see if you can bring those good times back.

You're spending all this money on makeup and skincare, you should protect your investment as much as possible.  Refrigerating products will prolong the life of them, especially if you live in humid climates.  In California, it seems we've skipped spring altogether and went straight into summer.  I've gone through my collections and stored a lot of stuff in the fridge.  Face creams feel so good to put on when it's nice and cool after a very lukewarm day.

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