Obviously not these.  And not powders either.  The only highlighter I use is Anastasia's Highlighting Duo Pencil in Camille and Sand.  There is a matte highlighter on one end and a shimmery one on the other.  Once again, it's a chubby crayonish shape so it is super easy to use.  I dot the shimmer highlighter in the inner tear duct area.  And the matte highlighter underneath the arch in my browbone and just the inner part of my undereyes.  I use a different undereye concealer, which I already wrote about here.  Tap gently with your finger to blend and you're good to go.

I know that others may highlight the bridge of their nose or their Cupid's bow or even a little above the browbone, but I don't do that.  I don't use a highlighter for the tops of my cheekbones either because I just don't like shimmer.  Also, I get dewy throughout the day so why bother?

* Since I already told you my essential 7 products as a base, the remaining products I mention will be shared in no particular order.


  1. I like using Givenchy's powder highlighter on my cheekbones :)

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  2. I've heard awesome things about Anastasia's brow products but haven't heard enough about their highlighters. I should definitely check them out.

    Also, thanks for leaving a comment about my Rimmel Provocalips post! It was published by accident by my web builder and I had no idea it was up. If you're interested, the post should be up by Friday.

    Have a wonderful week! ❤

  3. @Rebecca. Yes, definitely check it out. So great for when you're in a hurry because you don't have to deal with brushing and blending. It's lasts for quite a while too.

    I'm looking forward to reading your article on Friday. :)