Look Alive with Blush

The trick to looking alive?  Besides doing your lips and filling in your brows?  Blush.

I went to Korea last year and bought my first blush.  (Ok, technically I bought a blush before this but does it count if it's from the equivalent of a 99¢ store?)  I didn't go with a list of makeup I wanted to buy.  In fact, I had almost given up my search for a coral blush until I spotted Missha M Prism Blending Ball Blusher in Peach Glow at the last minute.  Being Korea, it happened to be a knockoff of Guerlain's Météorites Perles de Blush.  I am such a sucker for pretty things.  Not only did my Missha M Prism Blending Ball Blusher cost about $30 (which is about half Guerlain's price), but it has a mirror and comes with a handy brush.

I've been using the brush that was included.  I gently press the brush into the pearls and then pat, pat, pat on my cheeks.  The store associate said that you could separate the pearls by color and use it for separate highlighter and blush.  It's very easy to build color and it creates that perfect flush that I have been craving.  A girl even complimented me on cheeks. keke

Below I'll expand on the bad blushes I've used and why it took me 25 years to take advantage of the youthful flush that blush provides.  Otherwise, just know that this little bit of powder doesn't seem like much, but blush really does make you look happier and more alive.

In college, I used my mom's old Lancôme sample.  I applied the blush using the itty bitty brush provided and made circles over the apples of my cheeks, because that's what you were supposed to do, right?  Never mind that I didn't apply enough or that I wasn't even using the right tool to distribute the product on my face.  Oh, and the color.  It was a boring old-lady, dusty rose color.  I never hit pan and I finally threw it away although it was a sample size the length of my pinky.

My second year out of college, I went to some alumni event and got another sample container of mineral blush.  No, it wasn't bareMinerals.  It was Luxiva Purely Mineral Cheeks.  I've searched online to show you what a disaster of a product this was, but they've since repackaged it into a small compact.  Smart, because the product I received a 0.13 oz jar of loose mineral powder.  It was very messy.  Very shimmery.  The container wasn't big enough to tap and swirl a little of the product on the cap, which resulted in a mess on my bathroom counter and a very frustrated me.  And the color?  Rosy Outlook looked anything but rosy.  Imagine a reddish, cocoa powder with flecks of white sugar granules.  And all the contents so shimmery it looked like it came out of a unicorn's rearend.  I only used it a handful of times and then gave up.

Last year, I developed this strange fascination with coral.  And I decided that I would finally buy a blush.  So I did.  At Daiso (which if you don't know is a slightly classier Japanese version of the 99¢ store).  A duo color cheek.  Very tiny so I could try out if coral even suited me.  The color was fine but being less than $2, of course the quality was not great.  Through the plastic case I couldn't tell that it was shimmery.  WHY?!  (It also comes with a highlighter, but trust me when I tell you that it was utterly unwearable.)  I barely made a dent in it.  It also doesn't close anymore.

Now, I am so content with my Missha M Prism Blending Ball Blusher.  I should throw all those old blushes away.

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